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Raymond James, Golders Green

Raymond James, Golders Green has been providing expert wealth management and financial planning services in London for over 20 years.

As part of Raymond James Investment Services, we enjoy the freedom of providing personal service and tailored advice to our clients, while benefitting from the support of a large and well-established company.

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Raymond James Financial - Our Parent Company

Raymond James Financial, Inc. is a diversified financial services company founded in 1962 in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA, and a public company since 1983 (NYSE: RJF; market cap $26.8bn).

On 31 March 2024, Raymond James Financial announced 143 consecutive quarters of profitability. This milestone is a reflection of our parent company’s long-term vision and conservative business approach, as well as a testament to it’s strength and stability. Raymond James’ diversified business model and commitment to client service has allowed the firm to reach this achievement – over and over again – despite sometimes tumultuous markets.


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Raymond James in the UK

Raymond James Investment Services Limited services and supports investment managers and investment focused financial planners in the UK, who run growth-oriented practices with a strong management and compliance culture. These wealth managers service high net worth investors with complex financial needs and in some cases, also service mandates for institutional clients like charities and pension funds. As part of the core Private Client Group of Raymond James Financial, Inc., we are part of a well-established, profitable and diversified financial services firm.

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